The New Book

As you all know I have read and enjoyed very much, the novel, Watership Down by Richard Adams. I am also about to finish the second Watership Down book, I am thinking about reading The Plague Dogs which is by Richard Adams, also.

But I have discovered the very grueling realisem that lurks in the spine chilling classic The Plague Dogs, even hearing reviews that the classic adventure book is a horror book, which is not. The Plague dogs starts in a fictional British labrotory used for testing dogs, and more animals. two dogs named Snitter and Rowf escape and are reported by teh gonvernment to the newspaper as “…Man eating beasts…”and are acused and lied of having the “Bubanic Plague” also known as “The Black Death”—- the part where this is discovered with a dark revenge and horror scene, are the killing scenes— the character, simalair to the parts of Watership Down, the Tod: Kehaar, Rowf: Hazel, and Snitter: Fiver. From what I’ve learned is that Mr. Adams was trying to make a more grim reality to the readers of Watership Down. The Realisim proves this book is NOT for children, but I am not in a huge belief because is found out that Watership Down was rated by people “Not for children.” but, as I learned, many, many children read Watership Down and enjoyed it. But The Plague Dogs has a grim realesim, which is posed as “Not as comfortable to read as Watership Down. From what I’ve heard, near the end of this book a discriptive part depicting a man being torn to pieces by wild dogs is featured. Though I have heard this has the gruesome type of “Happy ending” yet with much grimness left untold, much like Oliver Twist this book has the sort of happy ending but evil ending with revenge. The cool part of this book is how they go at ALL causes to kill these dogs, because you all should knwo how terrible the “Black Plague”. There is suspense whether the Tod was killed through half of the book according to reviews.

I will take a shot at this—– WARNING: Sofia that the movie of The Plague dogs is more violent to animal lovers than Animal Farm the movie and if they happen to have this movie at the library during After care—— you’ll know what to do…..

—- as I was saying—- I will take a shot at this, but if you know any good Adam’s books, please inform me.

Anyways here is the cover:

Paper back Cover 1Hardback coverPaper back Cover 2


2 Responses to “The New Book”

  1. 1 Yellow Hat17
    May 17, 2007 at 2:23 am

    After this, I found out, I’m going to read Shardik also by Mr.Adams

  2. 2 Yellow Hat17
    May 18, 2007 at 10:08 pm

    COOL! I just bought it, then I’m gonna read “The Westing Game”.

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