Noah/Evan and a Room called 1408 (Contains spoilers to “1408”)

While my brother saw “1408” with his friends, because he’s obsessed with Stephen King, while I, not being a horror movie person, went to see “Evan Almighty” with some friends, It was surprisingly funny, with the presents or Steve Carrell, My favorite comedy actor, who is the boss in the American version of “The Office”, the movie was way, way better than “Bruce Almighty” this movie actually had a better sense of humor, it was hilarious at some parts, you all probably know what that movie’s about, because you’ve all probably either seen it or your friends have told you about, you know one way or another 😉 so I’m gonna tell you my brother’s description of the new thriller based off Stephen King’s Short story “1408” here it is, enjoy:

Well, my brother said, in all, the first half was the scariest part of the movie, and after the encounter with the weird thing with the mask, it got boring, what I want to say first, is that, funny enough, While the main star sits in the hotel’s resteraunt, you can hear the song by The Band, “The Weight” echoing in the background. Well, back to the plot, here’s he deal: A writer/ ghost hunter goes to a haunted hotel room that 23 people have died in, to write about it, so then he begans to realize that he can’t get out, at one seen my brother said marked “WEIRD” the guy tries to escape by crawling through the vent, when all the sudden, he sees this old guy wearing aviator goggles trying to chase him through the vent, then he gets away, and crawls out but he’s back in room 1408  😮 ❓  so, yeah. My brother says the scariest part, was when the guy, was waving through the window to get help from a guy in the building across, so then he realizes it’s his reflection, and he looks in the reflection and sees this thing behind him in the reflection, so he turns around and there’s this thing with long hair and a stitched mask with no mouth hole, so he runs to the door and bangs on it, then he opens his eyes and the things gone. Kind of weird, huh? So at these different parts, he keeps seeing his daughter who’s dead in his room, so finally he has this conversation with her, and records it because he’s a ghost hunter, so then, he like falls asleep later and wakes up and he’s in a hospital bed so then he talks to his wife and shows her the recording of their daughter’s conversation, so then he goes to the post office, and when he gets in, the mail men are like, “Sorry, we’re closed.” so then they start laughing and they tear down the walls and the guys back in the room, so he like tries to get out, but when ever he gets out some how, he’s back in the same room, 1408. So like, he makes a molotov cocktail and lights the place on fire and escapes because of the fireman, I don’t think he’ll ever go into another post office again. 😮

~Yellow Hat17


2 Responses to “Noah/Evan and a Room called 1408 (Contains spoilers to “1408”)”

  1. July 19, 2007 at 3:45 pm

    HEY!!!I saw 1408.It was really good in my book.I mean,I covered my ears the whole time,’cause the sound was BLASTING.LOL.Well,yeah.Check out my profile on youtube.The link is up there.

  2. 2 Yellow Hat17
    July 19, 2007 at 11:22 pm

    COOL! You mean you read the Stephen king story too?

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