BioShock: Big Daddys Are Good Dads, too

I actually Played this game before I played Halo 3. Even though I didn’t beat it before I had to return it to the store… It Rocked. BioShock Seemed like the first Game in a Disturbing envirorment that hasn’t been one of the Worst games Ever. In BioShock you find yourself in 1964, In a falling apart America… Well, Not until Now. You Survive a plane Crash landing in the pacific ocean, and discover a sumerged underwater city where something obviously went horribly wrong. After going into the city you encounter strange mutated Humans called “Splicers”. There are many different kinds of these Mutants including Grenade Splicers and Ledhead Splicers. You soon Uncover a wakie-talkie with transmissions from a mistyrious man named Atlas who helps you escape the ghastly and falling apart Modern Atlantis Called Rapture City. You uncover strange Drugs called “EVE” that enable you to do extrodinary tasks including freezing and Burning splicers, creating your own weapons and More. Before you think you’re on your own against the splicers in the breaking underwater cities, you find a news team against you and the splicers… The Big Daddys. If you had trouble fighting hunters for the first time in Halo… Good-luck on these guys. The Big Daddys are towering Mutants who are protected by several layers of armor. There are 3 different types of Big Daddys which are the ones with gatlun Guns, the ones with giant drills, and the ones with cannons. You also Discover the reason of the Big Daddys existence… to protect little sisters. Small Mutant Children used for a source called ADAM… giving you powers and strength. The Little sisters are the optional part of the game. After the defeating the one, two or ext. numbers of Big Daddys, you choose to either Kill the little sister for 180 ADAM plasmids or to spare her for 80 ADAM. If you choose to kill the little sister… all you find is a strongly censored cinamatic scene where you kill a little sister. Instead of seeing the gruesim scene, the screen goes black and then you see a slug crawl up your character’s arm. With amazing graphics and awesome shooting experience… this game rocks. BIG DADDY

The Picture above shows a big daddy with a drill facing you in a situation where your only weapon’s a wrench.
Even though there’s only one level outside, the game gets a solid 10 out of 10.


2 Responses to “BioShock: Big Daddys Are Good Dads, too”

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