Boring: Is Halo Wars going to be HORRIBLE?

Strategy games for the Xbox have always been, well, horrible. With the release of Games like Call of Duty 4, Halo 3 seems to be getting worse, along with all of it’s other games. It’s been known for sometime that “Halo Wars” destined to be released in Summer, 2008, is not a Bungie project. It’s going to be a strategy prequel for the Xbox 360. I feel like it will be a disappointment like the cheap Lord of the Rings strategy for the Xbox. It seems like Call of Duty 4 makes Halo look like a hundred-dollar budget game; Call of Duty 4 holds a realistic, intense plot, tons of amazing game play and amazing online play; Halo 3 seems to be a bland shoot em’ up game. Also, with games like Spore and Far cry Instincts 2, Halo Wars hold a place in the bottom of most anticipated games of 08, 09 and 010. The interesting thing though is that games  like Bioshock, by Ubisoft, dropped increasingly because of the lack of online play and the fact that it would sit in your closet after you beat it. It just seems like Halo has lost it… and Bungie won’t be making money for quite sometime.


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