Top 10 most Awesome Fighters in the History of the Arcade… Fine, and home consoles.

A few days ago I decided I wanted to play Mortal Kombat for Super Nintendo. Yay I had an old SNES in my room, boo I lost the controllers and all games for it. So I did what any smart person would do… I downloaded an emulator. While playing Mortal kombat on my outdated Mac, I realized that Sub-Zero was awesome… And found a few other awesome fighters to list in a top 10 list. Yay. #10——VEGA


I chose Vega for one reason; I don’t play Street fighter. For variety, I looked for Street Fighter Characters who Looked cool. And, just my luck, I found some guy flying through the air dressed as Wolverine, Jason and Freddy Crouger. This guy must have gotten alot of candy at Halloween when he was a kid.

#9——Bobba Fett

Nobody who does not know what I’m referring to was not here for the PlayStation’s good times and bad times. What I’m talking about is that mediocre crap game Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi. Ring a bell now… It’s also called “That Star Wars Fighting Game”, “That Bull Crap Starwars fightings game” and worse titles. This game was a Star Wars Fighting game where you could fight as 15 characters on 7 stages. And yes… You got to play as Bobba Fett


Yay! Finally we get to one that haunts our dreams! Astaroth from Soul Calibar only made 8 on this list because he’s not as good as the next Soul Calibur II fighter to be posted on this post, yet he does terrify many small children. Also known as “that giant pro-wrestler zombie wearing a gas mask, spike boots… Oh yeah, an he has an axe”. Creepy enough, in addition to the green skin; His heart popped out for a visit!

# 7——Armor King

When we first got this idea, we knew we had to include a character from Tekken. So we thought “How about the giant Panda Bear?” “No, to goofy” “How about that tree with the whip made of chains.” “Awesome one… But what’s the name of that Jaguar in the armor?” And so we included Armor King. Not only is he the only one I play as against my friends at Regal Cinema Arcade, I mean just look at him. It’s a freaking Jaguar in armor with spikes in his shoulders! Why do animals like this only exist in made for T.V. movies… why?


Nicole attacks Ryu Hayabusa with a plasma grenade

If you played the newest Dead or Alive, you probably know that the Master Chief was a playable character, accept he was a woman. What?



If you ever play Soul Calibur with somebody who owns the game, and you’ve never played it, then when you’re in character selection and you see Nightmare you say, “Oh, can I be the cool one?”. Yes Nightmare is awesome. When i got this picture, it was the first time that I had seen the new Nightmare (I haven’t play Soulcalibur !V yet) and it made me want to play the game. I think you could call Nightmare their Mascot by now.



As awesome as Scorpion is, I had to give the poor guy 4th place. The problem is that he has a serious problem with Sub-Zero… but you think that for two people who dress exactly alike and are almost equally awesome, they’d be best friends. You think that on the cover of Mortal Combat, Scorpion and Sub-Zero would be back to back, surrounded by all the other fighters. But no… Sub-Zero had to go and kill Scorpion’s family and Scorpion. Wait what? Yeah according to the confusing MK plot Scorpions some kind of spirit. And Sub-Zero can freeze people and teleport. But let’s look at the awesome things about Scorpion. First of all, nobody forgets his signature “spear” which is actually a grappling hook… and who doesn’t remember that very violent attack where Scorpion takes his “spear” and throws it into his opponents chest, drags them up and begins to beat them mercilessly. Yes, life was great before ESRB. And it still is… a little.



You can say that I’m overloading with MK Characters, but they’re all so awesome. That’s an excuse, right??? Anyways, Goros is the one characters you always wanted to be back when you played it at the arcade. You might of thought it was unfair, or maybe you had a dream that someday you would be able to be that giant 4 armed sumo-wrestler boss that nobody could beat… maybe, just maybe. Well, since the realease of MK: Armageddon, You have been able to play as him… of course though they watered his power down. Yeah he’s still good but everybody thought that once you unlocked this guy, you’d be unstopable. Point well made; You can never be too good at Mortal Kombat. But here’s the bad news. When Armaggedin came out, he was mediocre because you could be the giant half dragon, the guy who has spears in his hands, and make your own character just as big as him. Well, atleast we got to use the head busting-bongo attack that everyone used to hate where he picks you up and smashes you’re head violently 5 times.

#2——True Ogre


I will say that it seems more plausible to be dreaming about playing as this behemoth. It’s a dragon, bull, man, troll, giant final boss. And there was a day when you could play as him. Yay!!! Look it up. šŸ˜”



You don’t need to argue that “Oh, Goros should’ve been #1” because you already know that Sub-Zero is the coolest Ninja that will ever set foot on Earth in some Japanese game designer’s your mind, and he can freeze stuff. Yes, I got it pretty right. He is the coolest Ninja ever. Just look at him. Do you see it yet? Let’s get a close up then.


Yeah, you have to see it now. Oh, who doesn’t love that crystal sharp pixilated SNES footage.


3 Responses to “Top 10 most Awesome Fighters in the History of the Arcade… Fine, and home consoles.”

  1. January 5, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    Thank you so much I agree with you, this list is awesome, I also like Raziel from the Blood Omen videogames

  2. 2 vega
    February 25, 2009 at 11:26 pm

    sub zero actually come from AMERICAN game designer’s mind šŸ˜›

  3. 3 Plocploc
    May 20, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    Should’ve been Chuck Norris as #1….

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