Three unexpected Movies

Uwe Bowl is a retardedly infamous filmaker, obssesed with adapting video games into movies. His list of adaptions would include Alone in the Dark and the Two BloodRayne movies, which both altered the plots entirely. In 2006 good old Uwe got an awesome idea for his next video game slaughtering movie. Why not buy the rights to a game not yet realeased? Well, no it’s finally firing, as FarCry the movie will hit theatres… soon? Anyway, that’s only the first (I have another post about the movie complete with trailer). Next on my list is… lemme’ build this up……………………………….Tekken the movie! What? You’ve never heard of that game? Oh well… And then, we have Prince of Persia the movie. Not sure which one it’s based off of… Wait, it’s the Sands of time. If I’m right, that was the one for Gamecube and PS2, right? The last one where you could play as the protagonist before he turned emo and started cutting himself… okay, fine, I’ll cut them some slack… before he turned “evil”.


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