Top 10 games that could make GOOD movies

Lets face it. Video Game movies suck. Bad. From Uwe Boll movies to any other game movie, they just don’t get it right… even for the most memerable (or however you spell it) games from this or last generation gaming. So I decided to come up with ten games that, if they get the movie right, could be great movies. No really, I’m serious 😀 ! WARNING: GIGANTIC SPOILERS AHEAD!


Maybe you’re thinking “What? That’s stupid, there’s barely any dialogue!”. Ever heard of an independent movie? As much as I don’t like Sundance channel, this is the only way Portal could be adapted. Maybe I’m not right, but skip a few of the puzzles and maybe, just maybe, you’ll have a decent result. The thing is, there are some things that would make it good and some things that aren’t plausible for a movie, like the constant wondering of companion cubeified mazes that would put you to sleep.


But then there’s GLaDOS. She makes a great character, and is loved by players across the world, like companion cube. So really, it’s a hard decision to as whether this would work or not.

#9——-Metal Gear Solid

This one almost seems entered just as filler to make viewers happy, but it’s also true that this is and was rated as one of the best game plots ever. A Metal Gear Solid movie would be a hard one to make, because one mistake, and you’ve got a crappy 80’s-movie-left-over-action/adventure. But this would be a good action that would definitely keep you awake. From awesome dinosaur m.e.c.hs, super ninjas and retired army agents, the plot is better than you think.


Come on. You still want more? The link speaks for it’s self. Click it. My life would be so much easier if you just click it.

#8——-Beyond Good and Evil

The Story:
You play Jade, a young news reporter who just happens to also live with a house full of orphans – but she grew up there or something, so it’s not quite as hokey as it sounds. When aliens show up and kidnap a bunch of her orphans, Jade sets out to rescue them. Soon Jade and her sidekicks learn more and more about the aliens, the government, and how both are preying upon the little people.

Games Radar Writer on “15 Best Video Game Plots ever

The quote also speaks for it’s self. Sound like a Pixar animation huh? Yeah, hah, hah, no.

The game is dark, with an ending a little bit like BioShock’s dark and twisted…twist. The twist in BioShock will alter the gamplay after that dementedly violent cutscene. Here’s a video to complete this entry and hurry you to the one’s that I actually took time to create,

Above: The video’s long and seems stupid at first, but stick around.

#7——-System Shock 1 & 2

Listed as one of the scariest game series of all time and the inspiration behind BioShock, System Shock is clearly a classic. A movie of System Shock could be terrifying if done right. It would be a great-edge-of-the-seat-then-jump-out-of-your-seat-and-then-get-back-on-your-seat kind of movie. Also, SHODAN is a terrifyingly powerful super computer! Can’t ask for much more. Here’s a video.

Above: Lo-lo-look at you hacker.

The second that you see that hokey Star Ship voyage promo video, you know something terrible is going to happen to it. 😉

#6——-Fallout 1 or 2

“It’s the year 20XX and the world is in ruins after America and China’s nuclear World War. Some have survived in underground Vaults, protected from the radiation and horrors of the wasteland. You’re the descendant of the original Vault Dweller, a hero who left his vault to save its inhabitants, and it’s up to you to find a miracle machine that will save your tribal village. Upon finding the machine you return to find your village has been kidnapped by the sinister Enclave to be experimented on with a virus designed to ‘purify’ humanity.”

-The same Games Radar Writer who wrote the last quote

For the third time, something speaks for itself. The quote. But I’ll take some more time here. This would be a long movie, with all the adventure stuff and things like that… Ahhhhhhhh! I give up… I haven’t played this one. Just go here.

#5——–God of War

This one is another shakey one. I mean, it’s possible, but it would take alot to make a movie of a game like this good. OR… you could make it an all out action that’s not corny, say for instance the Newest Batman movie. Yeah, make it a dark movie and there you go. A guy commits suicide in the first seen because he believes that he’s been betrayed. As he’s commiting suicide the events leading to his suicide are shown. That has dark all over it….. uh, maybe…


Okay, so maybe his image is somewhat… un-plausible.


You’re thinking “What?” because this is already being adapted to a movie. Thing is, though, that movie will be a Uwe Boll “masterpiece”. I don’t hate that man… I hate his films. Just look up the video. Okay, so maybe it won’t be that bad, it’s just that… well, it could be better. Make it scary. Make the mutants actually look like the Trigen, or whatever they’re called, and make sure it’s the original FarCry, well maybe. It depends… do you want Jack Carver to have super mutant powers, or want him to be a normal guy on a tropical island who murders his teamate in the end of the game? More plausible than you thought, huh? 😀


Above: Take a chill pill, man… you may have been injected with super human fluid but look around! You’re in paradise!


It does not take a genius to know that, after you’ve beaten BioShock, it would make a pretty awesome movie. You play as Jack. On a plane flight, you notice you have what appears to be a gift in your luggage. You open it and then see that it’s a gun, with a message. After opening it, the plane crashes before you read the letter. Unfortunately, you’re the only survivor. Fortunately, there’s some lighthouse on a tiny island. Suspicous… you go in, take an elevator, and find yourself in Rapture, a once great metropolis, where the people were full of Super Power upgrade drugs and the citie’s name is very ironic! Yay! But now it’s a screwed up abandoned very creepy city filled with those people who have by now ODed on the Super Power drugs and become super humans. Boo. You find survivors, but they’re all insane and want to kill you, except for Atlas, who’s a mysterious person talking to you via radio, instructing you to find a way out of Rapture. There are also Super SUPER humans called Big Daddys who wear scooba diving suits and kill anyone who comes near their genetically enhanced super power “sisters” called little sister because people want to harvest them for their ADAM*, and after defeating a Big Daddy, you can spare the little sister or harvest it. Through audio tapes, you find out about Rapture’s history, and all the things that went wrong. You soon find out that Rapture was victim to civil war between Atlas, and opposition leader, and Ryan, the founder of Rapture who granted tomuch freedom to his citizens.


Above: Genetically enhanced person shooting some guy’s dead body.

You also find that Atlas has been hiding his normal family inside a submarine, and that you can go with them, if I remember correctly. But upon arrival to the submarine, Ryan blows it up. Atlas tells you to kill Ryan in a very angry tone, and you go. But when you reach Ryan, he has a shocking secret in store for you. You’re only two years old and he used growth EVE* on you so you’d become about thirty. When you were born, he implanted a chip into you that made you respond to any command starting with the fraise “Will You kindly” and thats when you realize that throughout the whole game Atlas has been starting every command with “Will you kindly”. In the end, Fontaine (Who I didn’t mention and will not go back to. Look it up) overdoses on EVE* and becomes a flaming super human. You then get knocked down by him after fighting for a while injecting him with a syringe repeatedly , but then the Little Sisters (The things that the Big Daddys are protecting.) save you by swarming Atlas and stabbing him syrenges until he dies, and then if you harvest more than two little sisters, you have a evil, sad ending (actually it’s a pretty awesome ending). If you didn’t, you get to see this retarded, Lifetime ending.


Above: Don’t use steroids, kids.

#2- The Darkness

Even though I haven’t played this one, it seems to have a good plot. You play as a hitman who is almost offed on his 21st birthday. After the mafia finds out that you’re not dead, they find your girlfriend and vent her brains through a very unpleasant scripted sequence. Oh yeah… there’s a family curse that you inherit on your birthday (I’d like to call it a present, but whatever) where you get supernatural demon tentacle powers called the Darkness. Also, he can visit whatever it’s called and see his dead friends and family, including his uncle, who helps him gain revenge to the people who murdered his girlfriend. Bad entry??? Whatever. Yeah, I don’t care for this one. consider BioShock #2, if you want 😉 .

#1——Half Life 1 or 2

Finally! Half Life 2 has to be the most worthy entry, if BioShock isn’t. Half Life 2 over rules the first because the first one is more survival horror than the second one. The second one has a great plot if not great characters (Dog!). They could release the first Hal Life as a prequel, or whatever… it would be their choice. It’s just that Half Life 1 doesn’t have many characters; Half Life 2 on the other hand, has some the greatest characters ever seen in a video game (Dog!). Half Life by far would over rule Halo as a game (Which was already overrated) and everything as a movie… kinda.


Above: City 17, oppression for the whole family!



Above: City 17… tickets currently unavailable.


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