Stats are skyrocketing; Don’t forget the new writer

The stats may seem mediocre to the people with 1 million comments for every post, but recently (After a time of poverty and no hits) the view number skyrocketed to 11,332 in 2 days, meaning 1,332 views in 2 days, meaning that my blog is recovering. At one point my blog topped the stat graph (Which is a page viewable by the admin and his/her’s writers, editors and contributors showing the current stats of the blog through a graph) to, well, the very top, which i was very proud of. it then started going up and down and reached the point it was at merely 2 weeks ago. Since then it’s moved up an inch on about a 4 inch image!

Also don’t forget that there’s a new writer on board from maximoose.wordpress.com, who, so far only has two posts. To view those posts check out the widget to the left of the screen you’re currently viewing and click any post under “Aiboers7”, his username. Meanwhile, I’m pushing another friend to get an account here so he can be a writer, editor or contributor, but we’ll see.


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