Fallout 3: Reviewed

Bethesda should be clearing their trophy shelf right now if you ask me. Fallout 3 has game of the year all over it. I finally got my hand on it, and now I’m reviewing Fallout 3. The game is a well-crafted RPG, but one of the best parts is that it maintains itself as a lighthearted FPS with the great shoot outs. But before detailing game play, I should probably highlight the plot. Fallout 3 starts off in Vault 101. Apparently the world has been destroyed and filled with infectious nuclear waste due to a nuclear holocaust in 2077. At the very beginning you exit the whom from 1st person. They did a good job fitting RPG cliches` into actual character dialogue throughout the entire time you’re in the Vault. For instance, when choosing your name when you’re born, your dad (voice of Leam Neeson) ask’s you “What do you think of…” and then it brings up the type in box. After choosing your name, he whispers “Let’s see what you’ll look like when you’re all grown up” further bringing you into character creation. Your character will, no matter what, look to be about in his twenties. Throughout Vault 101, you make friends, grow up from toddler into your current age (don’t worry, it only takes about thirty minutes) and work through clever training techniques. When you reach your current age, some crap goes down (that I’ll choose not to spoil for you) and you have to leave in search of your father who has mysteriously disappeared. Now I can talk about the game.


Fallout 3 is huge. When you first enter the wastelands, you don’t know where to start. Eventually you’ll find people from Mutants (Don’t worry, they’re very friendly) to very, very pissed off travelers. There are still large cities made out of various crap found in the wastelands, and inhabited by various people who feel like crap from the wastelands. Some people around town are friendly and will give you nice little quests like “Collect ten bottle caps from the city populated entirely by children! Yay!” but others will cut straight to it and tell you to arm a nuclear bomb and then kill ten people. But maybe the greatest thing about the “friendly” residents of the wasteland is the fact that, in the spirit of the original Fallout games, you can recruit people for your traveling group. Sometimes, you’ll have to lower your “karma” by stealing and killing to get somebody to join you, or vice versa. The quests are rich and detailed. From offing people to getting caught up in a faction war, it’s all great fun, right? Another quick note speaking of killing is the fact that Fallout 3 may be one of the most, say… goriest games ever. In Fallout 1 & 2, you killed people, and there was barely any blood. In Fallout 3, though, the case has changed. With an extremely awesome sniping system named V.A.T.S, you have the ability to lock on to somebody, freeze time, select a limb on their body, press R then A (On the Xbox, at least) and then you witness the awesome slow motion scene of your character firing a bullet onto the chosen limb, and watching the limb fling of of the person like a leg snapping off of a chicken. And did I mention there’s tons of blood? And you can even pick up the disembodied limb and throw it at people! Fun!


Fallout 3 also has some awesome clothing and armor. From jumpsuits to gasmasks, the armor will entertain endlessly. In the essence of changing the subject, another neat thing about Fallout is the unique perk system. Near the beginning of the game, you choose your first perk. Most of the perks increase some of your skills chosen at the beggining of the game. “Gun Nut” will increase your knowledge and skill of firearms, while some of the more unique ones like “Lady Killer” give you a whole new sub-skill pertaining to a main skill. When you choose Lady killer, you instantly have the ability to seduce women and do extra damage to them, which was mildly controversial when it was revealed. Every time you get a level up you choose a new perk, and depending on what level you are, there are many, many perks to choose from. So generally Fallout 3 is vast and maybe epic. So now I’ll continue with a “You’ll Love, You’ll Hate” list……..

You’ll enjoy: Vast Landscapes, Good A.I., rich quests, perks

You’ll hate: You run out of ammo quickly, it’s a little hard to get some people to join you, it may tend to frustrate, the path from good to bad karma happens quickly while the opposite happens more slowly

Yellow Hat 17, November 9th 2008


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