Top 15 best Games of all time

Since I’m having trouble creating a long top ten right now (idea wise) I decided to put together a list of the Top 15 best Games of all time, and also poke fun at them. I know, it’s generic, but it should work for about 2 minutes or so. You’ll probably also disagree with this a lot. But here goes nothing.

#15-Shadowrun (SNES)

Oh, the great feel of pen and paper RPGs. The character has been designed to your taste and is now ready to encounter random Elf Gang Bangers upon reaching yet another street. Confused now, new age gamers? Guy: “What? Oh… yeah Shadowrun, that games for Xbox! Duh! Not SNES.” Me: “…”


Above: Exciting.

PS: Just because no one knew about it doesn’t mean that it can’t be great! It still got a lot of fans a bit later and thousands upon thousands of novels. And also great reception.

#14-System Shock 2

Oh… now you’re getting angry, aren’t you. Hey, the game’s the spiritual predesesscor of BioShock! As much as I’m sure it’s on many top best games ever lists, you could argue and argue that it doesn’t deserve fourteen but more in the taste of fifty-four. (out of 100) The game was awesome, okay. We’ll settle there.


Above: Almost resembles the Character Models from GoldenEye 64. Just not ugly enough.

#13-Final Fantasy (Pick one. I’ll say IV)

Pick one. Yeah, I haven’t played it, but what’s one the most popular JRPGs out there? Correct. It is the Final Fantasy series.

Above: Whoever that bird is, it redefined cool. And urban fashion.

#12-Resident Evil 4

Not only was this game great, it was by far (in my opinion) the best in the Resident Evil series. Not really scary for me, but just the gameplay was amazing.

PS: Did anyone play it on the Wii? That was awesome!


Above: Compare to Gears of War.


Morrowind is a great example of a first person RPG. A huge free form world with… ehh… decent graphics, which are excused by the huge world and many quests. Also, you can look like this:


Above: the only possible known inspiration for the YouTube video “Dramatic Gofer” to this date.

Ok, here’s a less creepy picture.


#10-The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past

Do you even need to argue about this one? It’s nearly unofficial law that a Zelda game should be featured somewhere in a top ten best game ever list ranging from #1 to #10. (out of 100) So lets just all admit that this game is a classic and then not say anything past that.


Above: Remarkable. No really, that looks pretty good.

#9-Super Mario World

Do you need to be informed about this? Almost everybody who owns, has played, or even has no association with video games knows who Mario is. And then a lighter percent knows the classics, and this would be the best of all the 2D Mario games.


Above: Brilliant

#8-Sonic the Hedgehog

The original Sonic definetly earns it’s place after Super Mario World. You felt like you were going pretttty fast.

Okay. Yes, this game is an amazing sidescroller that I nearly enjoy playing on my cellphone. And with the okay reviews for the New Sonic RPG, “Dark Brotherhood” which is what I consider a late response to Mario RPG, I feel like Sonic might be making a comeback from when things went from great to awful when Sonic Adventures 2 was released.


Above: Um… Word Ration!

<word ration> Please Stand by

#7-Mario RPG

That rich, amazing blend of Pen & Paper RPG and one of the most classic game franchises ever. This game is amazing with Bowser on your side and tons of recruitable party members. (Well… not tons, but, whatever)

Plus, rumors have leaked out of a Very long awaited sequel that will be released on the NDS. Don’t get you hopes up that high though. You saw what they did to Paper Mario.



#6-Super Metroid

Even though it’s hard, that does not mean it’s not awesome. It’s a classic 2D game that is arguably the best game in the Metroid series.


#5-Shadow of the Colossus

Gigantic, towering creatures, horseback riding and an open world. What more could you want? Then you (I mean the player by that) feels regret for killing the actually very gentle creatures for your own loved one (by that I mean your character’s loved one)


#4-Fallout 2

All this game would’ve needed to be #1 on this list is a recruitable Chuck Norris NPC. Anyways, this game is amazing, with addicting game play and an emmersive story. Yes, this entry is over there. Go download it somewhere if you have a Windows. (Read: piratesbay.com)


#3-007 GoldenEye 64

Known as one of the best shooters ever and arguably the best shooter ever, GoldenEye has an amazing multiplayer, unique cheat selection and just over all great game play. If you haven’t played it, I say you do so now.



Barely disturbed by all the shoot em’ ups and RPGs on this list, how could I not mention the unnderated, uniquely designed Okami. GamesRadar has many a time ranted about how me and nearly every gamer out there spent our money on crappy game without noticing this masterpiece, thus causing the downfall of it, and only few played it, but they all loved it. Atleast we had a chance to redeem ourselves when Okami was given another chance on the Wii, the console it was truly made for, also.


Also, if you have an entirely white fur dog, the I suggest you do this to it immediatly.

#1-The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

One day we may have to settle that this is the best game ever once and for all. I myself don’t exactly understand it’s greatness. I’m saying, yes, it is [arguably] the best game ever, but it’s hard to understand just what does it, even if you’ve played all the way through.

<Word ration>



2 Responses to “Top 15 best Games of all time”

  1. November 16, 2008 at 6:06 am

    Nice article,my blog http://idonbiu.blogspot.com is related about games n software, can we link exchange?

  2. 2 Demetrius M.
    March 4, 2009 at 2:33 am

    wow as I kept going down the list I started to like you more and more lol

    super metroid –> golden eye –> final fantasy VII —> Morrowind –> Armored Core Series
    these made life worthwhile and the rest on your list make the systems worth getting fixing for the billionth time =P

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