Just how linear (or just bad) is the first Half Life 2?

The Half Life 2 series is awesome, but playing last night, I realized the first, fan boy-pants-exploding game in the Half Life 2 series is all to linear. So, with pretty little bullet points, I’ve put together a list of why the first is actually pretty generic and sometimes bad, but to fend off the angry Half Life fans, like me, It’s in the form of pros and kahns. Lets start with a pro and then move to a kahn and back and forth, shall we? (Note the Episode 1 and 2 are awesome. Half Life 2 has it’s moments)


Above: Being linear hurts your soul. (Read: Suicide)
  • Gravity gun is awesome.
  • On Xbox, the dune buggy sucks pretty bad.
  • I didn’t get the revised 360 version.
  • A.I is good
  • Gravity gun is the only unique gun.
  • Stryders are the coolest, most menacing awesome aliens ever.
  • The loading bars pop up all the time, and on a similar note are extremely long.
  • Garry’s mod is extremely fun.
  • Unlike in Episode 2, this game lacks a pimpin’ Dodge Charger 69. (You can tell I’m a fan, note the custom header)
  • Vortigaunts call you “The Freeman”. Maybe it has something to do with both the fact that in the first 4 original games they were slaves. Wait, your name’s Gordo Freeman… Still, though.
  • Now that i said Dodge Charger 69 in my post, I’ll get some spam asking me if I want a free Dodge Charger.
  • Well, Vortigaunts.
  • Bad graphics and extra long loading bars on the two big, open levels “Highway 17” and “Sandtraps” (On xbox that is, sorry for confusion.)
  • Really good graphics (For an original Xbox game, already amazing on PC if you have DirectX 9) when you’re in inclosed cities and ernviroments Half Life was made for.

But, nearly every problem adressed here was fixed in Episode 1 and 2. In Episode 1… Well, really that was just a more inclosed (actually, not very inclosed upon reaching urban City 17) and enhanced version of Half Life 2, but much more fun… Oh! Two new weapons in Episode 1 and some of the best EVER in a game, our friends the Gravity gun and the Crossbow. In Episode 2, it was for the 360 and PC, expanding on some of the most open and great levels ever seen in an FPS like Half Life, especially expanding very widely on combat with Synth Stryders. (Only fought once in Half Life 2) and Mini Stryders (Which were new to Half Life: Episode two)

Quick Secret, cheat thing: If you have Garry’s mod, there are many places to find Stryder NPCs if you haven’t downloaded them here. In Half Life 2, there’s one in the background of the first level you can duplicate and spwn at the town center, and watch it eliminate the helpless inhabitants of City 17. Oh, who cares if we’re trying to help them? In Episode One, there’s a level (I don’t remember which) that is pretty much just a sandbox set in the ruins of City 17. It’s a level where you start in an elevator with Alyx, landing on the bottom floor. When the door opens she says “Come on, lets get out of here” from then on, she just kind of shuts down and starts staring at a gate that show the ruins of City 17 with a Stryder walking in the background and a video of Dr. Kleiner playing. Use no clip to enter the ruins. It’s one of the best places to start a battle… it’s awesome. Feel free to duplicate or drag the Stryder in the back ground. There’s another one on one of the citadel levels, infact there are three that walk below you on that level. Can’t remember which right now, though. Well, actually Half Life 2 is a million times better than Episode 1… so, yeah.

See you later.

Written by Yellow Hat17


Above: A true shame that Dog left his former cagefighting career.

1 Response to “Just how linear (or just bad) is the first Half Life 2?”

  1. 1 aiboers7
    November 29, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    I think that the first half life has more powerfull A.I.s though

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