Half Life 2: Episode 1 Review

You may have noticed that right now the busy two writers at this blog are churning up a bunch of posts. What are we supposed to do when it’s been pouring down rain the whole weekend? I mean, sure they’re running the first two Jurrasic Parks, but I’d rater write. Anyways… Since I got Hale Life 2: Episode 1 off of the annoying, update persistant yet filled with good games-ed “Steam”, I’ll write a review. Frankly, I can’t wait to get Episode 2… it looks outstanding. But, lets get to the review.

Half Life 2: Episode 1:

The Half Life series has a very immersful plot, which is nearly half the reason that some people continue to buy the games. It has a great way of presenting the story as you never once leave the shoes of Gordon Freeman. So then why did Valve spend time (?) creating a game that goes basically nowhere with the story? The story of Episode 1 could easily be contained within Episode 2 as a mere two chapters of Citadel breaching and more Antlion fighting. The game is clusterphobic and, as that was somewhat the feel of the original Half Life, it’s confusing. You always feel like you’re in the wrong place, like, somewhere behind the invisible wall. A good example is a level that takes place in a parking garage. You go up the some stairs top the parking lot, kill two zombies fight your way through an antlion army… and then you have to climb up overturned building beams to climb to a useless pile of rubble, where there’s just another zombie.


Above: One of my favorite Half Life creatures is the Zombine. Sadly, it is the only new creature you find in HL2: Episode 1.

But what’s the good side to this flawless FPS (Half Life 1, Opposing forces, and Half Life 2, are preferably the best) gone to video game Hell? Well, the content, that’s what. Something is that if you buy plain old Half Life 2, you don’t have any access to spawning Antlion Guards in Gmod (Note: If you have any Source game on Steam, I recommend that you buy Gmod now) but by buying Episode 1, you do. But if you know how to go through the Baptism by Fire that is Downloading things off garrysmod.com, there’s probably a free NPC for download of an Antlion guard there, just like there is for the Strider.


Above: Oh yeah, there’s also the Cavern Guard… But you still can’t get it on Gmod.

A BIG problem though is the fact that there is basically NO new gameplay content (When I said content is the best part, I meant for Gmod), but more erased content. The two new additions are Zombine, unfortunate combine soldiers who crossed paths with a head crab, and the Physics Gun, possibly one of the best guns ever featured in a game. But that’s it. Nothing. So seriously, skip Episode 1 and go straight to Episode 2. Look up the plot for Episode 1. Even though there is a pack on Steam that gives you Gmod, Episode 1 and every mod online game for Episode 1 for just 20$, don’t do as I did.

Final Verdict: 6.1 out of 10


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