Top -10 Games

There are so many games that you could get someone just because the name/back o’ the box sounds cool. I mean, like if someone likes sci-fi, you could get them Halo, or Star Wars: the Force Unleashed. Or you could get them… Mushroom Men (*urp*) (*gurgle*) Or….. That new revised Galaga..I’m gonna hurl! (and these aren’t in order of disgustingness, just so you know)

-10: Any Game Based Off of a TV Show or Movie: Have you seen.. like.. Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie: The Game? (Of course they only do this flop of a game idea with kids shows)

-9: Garrys Mod: Not like it’s not a good game, It’s a GREAT game. But most people don’t know that you have to have Half Life 2, Portal, Counter Strike: Source or Team Fortress: Source. Ya, and parents would be like “No, were not spending $20 more for Christmas. You have enough already.”

-8: Line Rider (for the Wii): yeah, its line rider, but there’s a plot, stupid goals, and boss fights… Actually it SOUNDS cool, but it isn’t.

-7: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels:: NOT for any star wars fans!!! Think about it. It’s the force unleashed, except only the light saber duals, and barely any force powers. (and horible graphics)

-6: Boogie: I know that this isn’t something most of us would buy, but I’ve seen so many people buy this at Walmart. I always think “This sounds cool, but it is just a waste of 60 bucks” talk about ear-round-house-kicking music.

-5: Those Horribly Themed Boogie Versions: I would add this to the -4 section, but they don’t admit that its really boogie. All of them are themed, like, Hanna Montana, or Naked Brothers Band. I just thought it was a different level of horrible.

-4: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (DS version):: Okay, it sounds AMAZING!!! Portable version of the game that everyone loves!? two words: IT’S NOT!!!!! the NPCs are clunky and lifeless, you always get jammed in doors or stuck on walls, all it is is hide shoot hide shoot, and the graphics are worse than you’d think for the DS! not worth the buy, but if you get it for Christmas, don’t be disappointed. It has some good, but the bad over rules.

-3: Prey The Stars: Yep, another probably unlicensed game! This is just a sad joke, though. You play as a weird monster resembling the Dr.Mario viruses, and you eat things. Amazing, simply amazing.

-2: those stupid Petz games: ya, you heard of them. They’re the ones where you save animals and cure them simply by touching them with your stylus. In other words, (*tap*) (*tap*) “YOU BEAT LEVEL 1!!!”

-1: Console Versions of The Sims: ya, no effort… That’s all I can say.

Feel free to disagree, just give a reason

Written by Aiboers 7


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