2009’s exciting line up

It’s a new year, and you’re probably checking to see what you might like this year when it comes to gaming. PS3 owners will have acess to Infamous, Uncharted 2, and plenty more. For the 360 gamers who are fed up with FPS games, they will get Prototype, (Multi-platform, actually I think, but whatever) Alan Wake, (Also on PC) Fallout 3 DLC, and a few more gems. Since the year has just started off, I’ve decided to give some info on  the games I listed there. First up is one I look forward to with positive opinions.

Alan Wake

Xbox 360, PC

I’m sorry if the name does not strike you positively, but don’t let that get you down. Remedy, the people behind the Max Payne series, have emerged back to the scene with a rather intelligent thriller. You play as Alan Wake, a bestselling horror writer who’s fiance`e mysteriously disappeared and suffers from insomnia. While recovering from his condition at a Sleep Clinic, he has awful nightmares, and starts to write a new book based off of the dreams. But the rural area that he lives in soon becomes a living nightmare, similar to that of his book. Alan must fight for his life with nothing but a pistol and a flashlight.

Game play will consist of setting traps and using your flashlight to destroy the ghostly enemies. In addition, the game will offer an explorable, open city similar in size to most GTA games. And to top it off, the game is highlighted with incredible graphics.



PC, Xbox 360, PS3

You will play as Alex Mercer, a genetically mutated man who has no memory of his past, and who thus sets out to find out what has happened to him. It takes place in Manhattan, where certain areas have been quarantined due to an infectious Zombie virus, and has a very large open environment. Alex will have superhuman abilities, and may choose to complete a mission by taking the form of an enemy to sneak past others, or using mind-blowing superpowers to get through destructively.

You’ll primarily fight Mutant Zombies and Military soldiers, though there will probably be more types of enemies, and will be able to perform abilities such as shape-shifting, lifting objects into the air, and various long range attacks. At first glance, the game may look like Predator: Concrete Jungle (If you don’t know, you don’t need to) but trust me, nothing is that bad. But your opinion will change after seeing the below video. From the looks of it, this game will be great.

Uncharted 2


Not much is known about the follow up to the PS3 exclusive itself, but the new trailer was revealed recently. From the looks of it, the next game will have a segment or will take place in a snowy environment, most likely Canada, Russia, or China.

That’s it for now, but look for the continued post soon!

Written by Yellowhat17


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