Zombie Survival Quiz (Warning: May creep you out): Can you pass the test? Will you survive? Are your personal features vital to your survival against zombies? Let’s find out!!!

Controls: Click on the best answer.

Tips: If you’re all serious about this and you loose, Try reading Max Brooks’ “Zombie Survival Guide”. It’s pretty gun to read.

Play Stick Arena

Stick Arena features it’s own fan chat, tons of weapons and amazingly action packed Online fighting!

Controls: Click to shoot and forward to run.

Tips: The Sledge hammer is only good in hand to hand combat.

Play Nuclear Eagle

Nuclear Eagle is a fun Arcade Game where you throw humans into your nest for your chick. But don’t let the humans take down your nest… they’ll send all they got.

Controls: Use the mouse to move and click and click again to capture and throw your prey.

Tips: Use cars to throw them at humans and slingshot them in the nest.

Play Interactive Buddy

Interactive Buddy is a fun Strategy game where you have your own buddy (blob person) and the weapons and hobbies to expose him to… MWA HA HA HA!

Tips: Don’t torture buddy to much, give him a break sometimes and have fun with him… Or else he’ll be scarred for life.

Controls: Click or drag interactive buddy, it depends.

Play Defend Your Castle

Defend Your Castle is a strategy game that will have you clicking and clicking till your fingers fall off. You’ll be going against the smallest infantry that charge unarmed to Gigantic Trolls. to defend yourself against these creatures and fighters, you’ll need to upgrade a lot!

Tips: The Soldiers you have the option to get are a waste of coins… I say you should be getting bowman or health upgrades every turn (That includes fortifying your Walls).

Controls: Click, Release and throw enemy soldiers… the results will be bloody.

Commando Play Commando

Commando is a featured game on and is a addicting game where you find yourself in 1940’s Britain up against The Germans.

Tips: Don’t waste your amo on the Normal Infantry.

Controls: Up and Down to jump, left and right to move ad Click to shoot (bonus controls in game).
Games at - Club Penguin Play Club Penguin

Club Penguin is a massive online virtual AIM for younger children around 13 and below. Players can chat with pen pals or their best friends from school and buy clothes, Pets and furniture!

Tips: I aplolagize, but it’s more fun if you’re a member because you have access to shopping.

Controls: Click to the place you want to walk, click the chat bar and type to talk and Click the snowball icon and click where you want to throw it to throw snowballs.

Games at - RuneScape Play RuneScape

Runescape is a massive online game. In this game… The Action packed replica of Club Penguin, you can do the same as Club Penguin accept fighting and explore a bigger world!

Tips: This isn’t my favorite game, but don’t listen to me other’s LOVE it.

Controls: the same as club penguin controls, accept no snowballs, read the bonus instructions that include fighting and trading to learn more.

Games at - Puzzle Pirates Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates is a fun Online game, design and create your pirate and talk and fight with other pirates on their computers at sea too!

Note: I am not responsible for any glitches or shut downs in these games, please concern Miniclip, FreeWorldGames or Xgeneration studios.


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