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The Best DS Games so far

How’s your little plastic wallet doing? Is it gathering dust in your closet? Are you playing it right now? Well, no matter what, you probably know that things aren’t so grand for the little DS, but I happen to know some great games for it that you can spend your Christmas money on.

Chrono Trigger

When somebody says DS, I think of this game. Chrono Trigger is a remake of the classic SNES RPG and is a trip down nostlagia lane for fans of the game. But it doesn’t just appeal to the huge Chrono Series fanbase, but it can spark interest from Final Fantasy fans and the like. The fighting system is great and upgraded for the DS’s two screens. Also, you’ll be reminded of characters like my personal favorite, Frog.

Final Fantasy DS remakes

Yet another nostalgic Nintendo DS remake, this time built on a more recognized franchise. Yes, if you are eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy 13, these will tide you over. Or, if you just want some solid fun, you can just go here. Like Chrono Trigger, the graphics and game play have been enhanced for DS and is also from Square-enix.

Advance Wars

You know this one. Any one works, these games are great. Okay, I’m tired, so I’m not doing much here…

Written by Yellow Hat17


Garrys Mod Server

As the tiltle implies, I am making a GARRYS MOD SERVER!!!!!! It is a dedicated server. For now it isn’nt much. But it will have so much stuff that your spit will have to be rendered! I think It will also be a role playing server, because I found a new hobby in spawning a T-rex, and then using the camera thing (not the camera tool, but the thing above the tool gun), tilting it sideways, and zooming in and out, and bobbing when I walk! It’s like your own little Garrysmod Cloverfeild spoof!!! Oh, and don’t forget “Zombie Survival Saturdays”. There is also going to be some games, dodge ball and smash stuff anyone?

I Just got the server up and running. For now it is (or should be) private, since I litterally just got it running..

Details such as IP adress, name, and others will come once I figure/configure all this out.



Shoop Da Whoop Favorites

It seems like there’s a shoop da whoop for virtually every [popular] thing, so I decided to show you some favorites I found:

Here, a blurry picture of dramatic prairie dog, watching what appears to be a crappy internet animated short, shoop da whoops:

Here, a crime to humanity gets what it deserves (PS: I mean specifically Link and the Faces of Evil. We all love the Zelda series otherwise here):

Here is the sequel to the Shoop Da Whoop that started it all (PS: You may ask why I put only the sequel on. I may either respond “Chuck Norris” or “I really don’t give a crap”)


How do I shoop whoop?

I am a man of many fandoms, some that do not agree with each other. But, I found something on the Internet that could, nay, can combine everything into some appetizing casserole. Simply called the “shoop da whoop.” Its like a virus that spreads into popular things and makes them popular. If you need to catch a case of this lazor flu, go to YouTube and search “shoop da whoop”

Written by Aiboers7

Here’s a video update by Yellow Hat17 (Yes, I am pretentious! that’s why I’m writing in bold)

That’s just an example. I’m beginning to find these very entertaining.

Edited by Yellow Hat17

Playing Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead, is not your average game, and definately one of my favorites right now. I haven’t played it much, but when I do get it, it’ll be great. Left 4 Dead is the most intense, heart pounding shooter on the market today, if not game. The game is better as it is Online or with friends than it is offline. It’s a game basically built strictly on 28 Weeks later, Nos Energy Drink and Multiplayer. There is no time to take a break, until you get to the saferoom at the end of the level.

Above: Left 4 Dead

Another great part about the game is how every NPC is controlled by what I like to call “The A.I Master” most likely also a man in a gorilla suit and a yellow sombrero… Sound familiar? No? eh… whatever, look it up. Anyways, every time you play, the A.I are in mostly different places and in larger quantities… I don’t know, maybe there are more “boss zombies”. Oh, yeah. The boss zombies are gigantic zombies (Or just really strong) which include crying people with super strength, giant people with super strength, and people in hoodies with super strength.(My personal favorite) Also, Left 4 Dead is a game that actually foccuses a lot on actual team work, and making decisions not just in the campaign, but even in multiplayer. In one case, one of your team mates might be stuck half way across the course, while you and everybody else are at the end of the level (Which I wil call “Point B”) you could go back, or leave them behind and continue to the next level (even though they will still be in the next “stage”)

So Left 4 Dead is surely a buy for fans of the Survival Horror genre, shooter genre or who just want a reasonable excuse to drink Nos at 8:00 P.M..


Half Life 2: Episode 1 Review

You may have noticed that right now the busy two writers at this blog are churning up a bunch of posts. What are we supposed to do when it’s been pouring down rain the whole weekend? I mean, sure they’re running the first two Jurrasic Parks, but I’d rater write. Anyways… Since I got Hale Life 2: Episode 1 off of the annoying, update persistant yet filled with good games-ed “Steam”, I’ll write a review. Frankly, I can’t wait to get Episode 2… it looks outstanding. But, lets get to the review.

Half Life 2: Episode 1:

The Half Life series has a very immersful plot, which is nearly half the reason that some people continue to buy the games. It has a great way of presenting the story as you never once leave the shoes of Gordon Freeman. So then why did Valve spend time (?) creating a game that goes basically nowhere with the story? The story of Episode 1 could easily be contained within Episode 2 as a mere two chapters of Citadel breaching and more Antlion fighting. The game is clusterphobic and, as that was somewhat the feel of the original Half Life, it’s confusing. You always feel like you’re in the wrong place, like, somewhere behind the invisible wall. A good example is a level that takes place in a parking garage. You go up the some stairs top the parking lot, kill two zombies fight your way through an antlion army… and then you have to climb up overturned building beams to climb to a useless pile of rubble, where there’s just another zombie.

Above: One of my favorite Half Life creatures is the Zombine. Sadly, it is the only new creature you find in HL2: Episode 1.

But what’s the good side to this flawless FPS (Half Life 1, Opposing forces, and Half Life 2, are preferably the best) gone to video game Hell? Well, the content, that’s what. Something is that if you buy plain old Half Life 2, you don’t have any access to spawning Antlion Guards in Gmod (Note: If you have any Source game on Steam, I recommend that you buy Gmod now) but by buying Episode 1, you do. But if you know how to go through the Baptism by Fire that is Downloading things off, there’s probably a free NPC for download of an Antlion guard there, just like there is for the Strider.

Above: Oh yeah, there’s also the Cavern Guard… But you still can’t get it on Gmod.

A BIG problem though is the fact that there is basically NO new gameplay content (When I said content is the best part, I meant for Gmod), but more erased content. The two new additions are Zombine, unfortunate combine soldiers who crossed paths with a head crab, and the Physics Gun, possibly one of the best guns ever featured in a game. But that’s it. Nothing. So seriously, skip Episode 1 and go straight to Episode 2. Look up the plot for Episode 1. Even though there is a pack on Steam that gives you Gmod, Episode 1 and every mod online game for Episode 1 for just 20$, don’t do as I did.

Final Verdict: 6.1 out of 10


Top -10 Games

There are so many games that you could get someone just because the name/back o’ the box sounds cool. I mean, like if someone likes sci-fi, you could get them Halo, or Star Wars: the Force Unleashed. Or you could get them… Mushroom Men (*urp*) (*gurgle*) Or….. That new revised Galaga..I’m gonna hurl! (and these aren’t in order of disgustingness, just so you know)

-10: Any Game Based Off of a TV Show or Movie: Have you seen.. like.. Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie: The Game? (Of course they only do this flop of a game idea with kids shows)

-9: Garrys Mod: Not like it’s not a good game, It’s a GREAT game. But most people don’t know that you have to have Half Life 2, Portal, Counter Strike: Source or Team Fortress: Source. Ya, and parents would be like “No, were not spending $20 more for Christmas. You have enough already.”

-8: Line Rider (for the Wii): yeah, its line rider, but there’s a plot, stupid goals, and boss fights… Actually it SOUNDS cool, but it isn’t.

-7: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels:: NOT for any star wars fans!!! Think about it. It’s the force unleashed, except only the light saber duals, and barely any force powers. (and horible graphics)

-6: Boogie: I know that this isn’t something most of us would buy, but I’ve seen so many people buy this at Walmart. I always think “This sounds cool, but it is just a waste of 60 bucks” talk about ear-round-house-kicking music.

-5: Those Horribly Themed Boogie Versions: I would add this to the -4 section, but they don’t admit that its really boogie. All of them are themed, like, Hanna Montana, or Naked Brothers Band. I just thought it was a different level of horrible.

-4: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (DS version):: Okay, it sounds AMAZING!!! Portable version of the game that everyone loves!? two words: IT’S NOT!!!!! the NPCs are clunky and lifeless, you always get jammed in doors or stuck on walls, all it is is hide shoot hide shoot, and the graphics are worse than you’d think for the DS! not worth the buy, but if you get it for Christmas, don’t be disappointed. It has some good, but the bad over rules.

-3: Prey The Stars: Yep, another probably unlicensed game! This is just a sad joke, though. You play as a weird monster resembling the Dr.Mario viruses, and you eat things. Amazing, simply amazing.

-2: those stupid Petz games: ya, you heard of them. They’re the ones where you save animals and cure them simply by touching them with your stylus. In other words, (*tap*) (*tap*) “YOU BEAT LEVEL 1!!!”

-1: Console Versions of The Sims: ya, no effort… That’s all I can say.

Feel free to disagree, just give a reason

Written by Aiboers 7

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